Month: September 2014

Understand the Passion

I would like to begin…by sharing my heart, a healthy level of vulnerability that’s meant to keep our dreams alive.  Whether of the past or of the present, aspirations have a tendency to always be relevant, revealing a part of ourselves to our conscious mind.

I can truly say…that the greatest emprise I have ever experienced, to this day–though only a mere twenty-nine years of age–was being in love.  The momentum of my timeline spurs onward into every desire God has given me, but my hindsight delights in every moment that love has flourished in vivid, halcyonic prosperity.  Human consciousness acknowledges that place as the zenith of subsolar existence, a plane where beauty persistently blossoms with the rise of each passing heartbeat. There resides the divine expression of God, a truth that shames every travesty.
Love defies all logic, and silences the prosaic, nonsensical blasphemies of any non-believer. They do not believe because they do not understand. If you believe only in what you understand, then you forsake the very purpose of faith, and thereby condemn yourself to the mundane.
But if you believe in love, then you believe on a completely new realm of possibility. You believe in dreams, fantasy, and magic–the realm of imagination. Just because one’s desires or ideals exist only in their imagination, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It obviously exists, otherwise it wouldn’t be present at all. The greatest, most life-changing inventions and ideas all began in the realm of imagination, the place where most deemed foolish and irresponsible, pointless and childish. Nonetheless, contrary to popular belief, the imagination is the breeding ground for prominence, and the well that happy endings draw from.
Love is an enigma, drawing from this same well, also identified as a complex web of internal notions birthing external results. It is the diadem of humanity, and the meaning of life. In love there is found a docile exhilaration…comparable to a snowy day, where your hands are cold, but your heart is flushed with a feverish passion, deriving from what seems to be a bottomless ocean of sentimental endearment. Intellectually, love is a formula, composed of two burning, velveteen hearts, a variety of chemical additives in the brain, and a single, yet potent drop of divinity. Watching love unfold, floods our eyes with mirth, a reality that must come to past, for the sake of our unfulfilled desires. In being denizens of pleasure, it’s only right that romance find its way into the arms of both man and woman, boding the unification of two unique people into one distinct couple. Two, the most intimate of values, second only to the noble, yet less-desired One.  But wouldn’t two be more intimate than even one, being that two is a one-on-one affair, one person to another, and no one else?  Yet the most intimate of instances is when two BECOME one, a mesh of explicit purity, arrayed in the flashing colors of crimson and scarlet love.  Where one blesses the night with all the love they can muster, and two are reborn into one grand cluster. A moment where your body blazes with fear and fantasy, the only place on earth of astral significance.
A delightful muse, love is, stealing all of our hopes, and converging them under one canopy of ambitious cognizance. Like a siren’s song, so it entices mankind to pursue the height of his design, a bewitching power whose influence pervades every generation, penetrates every era, and permeates every age, until the day when love becomes the way of the new world, and man’s divine potential is at last fulfilled.