Month: January 2016

Psalm of My Heart

How infinite You are. On a windy day, I feel Your breath on my face. Your logic for reason is incomprehensible, and so it is an honor to simply trust in You. From morning to night a never-ending service is held in Your highest regard, shining as bright as the sun, and sounding as clear as chimes of silver on a blustery day. I find joy in obeying Your commands. Your statutes give me great pleasure. Please let me love You my love, my God. I am free, only bound by the chains You have given me, Your slave. You are Healer, Yahweh, Anointed, Perfection. The embodiment of embodiment. Mighty and all-powerful are You, Most High! Your art is sacred. You’ve made all things with purpose. The universe to show us the limitless expanse of your imagination. The atom to reveal that great things can have small beginnings. Water to express that there is strength in unity. So how can we say how great You are?! It is impossible! One hundred percent of the time, human words succeed to fail in revering You properly. All the while, that truthful inability lies within the grasp of worshiping through living. So much You have done for me, in plain sight and behind closed doors. Your incessant influence paves my way and lights my darkness, and I search for ways to repay you, thank you, serve you. My God, on the altar is a sacrifice–a gift–given not out of persuasion, but of free will. I arduously seek a personal audience with You, only to kiss Your cheek, hug Your neck, and lie in Your arms, yet I can’t even look at the face of my Father. I’d welcome death, if I could only sneak a peek. Face of Love, show me love, teach me love. My heart swoons over You. Your vessel desires Your intimate affection within my spirit. Come. Dwell here with me. Let Your temple be purified by fire, and prepared for Your tenancy. I am the bride, designed to be wedded. My dowry is Your presence, and the gift is my soul. My Lover, my ever most precious Lover…make me Yours for all eternity. Let us never be apart, not even for a second. Let me love You forever. Our love will endure throughout the timeless moments of infinity. I will not complain about Your love, and I will not grow tired of Your company. My destiny lies within the comfort of Your smile, and the sound of Your beating heart, yearning for me just the same. I love you, I love you–my Love, my God–I love you.